Ryan Cruz Saldana was at the tender age of three when we were forced to say Goodbye…

However, with just three years under his belt our son knew the importance of life and just how to live it perfectly.

At three years old Ryan knew what joy was and exactly how to achieve it. As well as force others to see and feel immense joy. Our memories of Ryan blend together into a beautiful collage of moments that are engraved deep within our mind and soul. We remember them all vividly as we live this life in honor of our wonderful son.

Ryan Loved

  • To play loud & hard
  • Cooking with me in the kitchen (his favorite was baking sweet treats and taste testing along the way)
  • Disneyland
  • Cars, Frozen and Monsters Inc. (I love to replay his voice singing or asking "I can be Olaf and you can be Elsa ok?!").

Ryan was loud and rough with a small sensitive side that shone at perfect times. I felt that sensitive side of him when he would crawl into bed with me in the early morning to snuggle. If I lay still and close my eyes I can still smell his hair and feel my arms wrapped tight around his soft warm being. Anyone who knows Ryan personally will tell you, he was loud and wild. He excitedly lived with no boundaries and even though you told him to be quiet a lot of time… he made you smile and laugh as he ransacked your snacks and toy bin.

I have decided that this entire site, everything you see me do here online is all devoted to Ryan and all the things he loved. It is my responsibility as his mother to honor Ryan in all that I do, until I join him. I hope you can catch a glimpse of just how special Ryan was here and through my entire space online. I hope you can see Ryan within your own child and that you live loud and wild just as he would.

Live Loud, Live Wild

In Memory Of

Ryan Cruz Saldana

Every purchase made here will support our efforts to encourage other kids to live like Ryan did. Each month we'll choose a different charity whose mission encourages kids to embrace and live life like Ryan did.