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My First Year, A Baby Journal

My First Year, a baby journal


This 6x8 toddler journal is built to last through life’s stickiest moments! It’s small enough to fit in your purse (and even comes with a protective sleeve) so that you can record moments on-the-go. It’s full of specially crafted prompts to help you capture everything from the tiniest giggle to special trips and has vellum envelopes to help you store pictures and keepsakes.

Product Details

  • 120 Pages to Document All of Your Baby's Important Details.
  • Small Vellum Envelopes to Keep Precious Mementos Such as a Lock of Hair
  • Attacher Stickers to Add Additional Documents Through Your Baby's First Year
  • Perforated Recipe Pages to Document Your Baby's Favorite Foods
  • Baby Emoji Stickers 
  • Large Back Pocket to Keep Memorabilia 
  • 2, Digital Printables (JPEG + Adobe Acrobat Document)
“Capturing everything from the mundane to the wild adventures we experience with our little ones is something I'm so passionate about. I am so thankful I caught every moment with Ryan and I look forward to doing so with Mila. ”
- Jacqui
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